? ROCKET STAR is an addictive tycoon game where you bring the best talents to work on your spaceship factory. Your team will build advanced rockets while you research new technologies and launch lots of spaceships to discover new planets! ✨

? Download the BEST IDLE GAME FOR FREE and lead your rocket company to the edges of the galaxy!

? In this FUN INCREMENTAL GAME, the most challenging missions await you! To become the next star tycoon, and set foot on the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond, your idle factory will have to make a lot of profit and craft many starships. START THE QUEST for rocket crafting now and explore the universe! ?

Cool Rockets

Top Teams

Be Rich!

Conquer the Galaxy!

Think Big!

Idle Game

? Tap, build and launch! Lead your empire in the best clicker game available and Conquer the Galaxy with your own space rocket company simulator! Start the quest for rocket crafting!

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